Study: 40% of iPhone Users Would Give Up Toothbrush before Smartphone

A survey conducted by TeleNav recently revealed that a staggering 40% of iPhone users admit they would rather give up their toothbrush for a week than be without their phones. Moreover, an additional 22% of Android, Blackberry, and other smartphone users also agree with this type of scenario. But this is just the beginning– the following represents other real-life comparisons that smartphone users say they would rather give up than be parted from this technology for any given week:[1]
  • 20% would give up a computer
  • 21% would give up shoes
  • 28% would give up seeing their significant other
  • 54% would give up exercise
  • 55% would give up caffeine
  • 63% would give up chocolate
  • 70% would give up alcohol
Despite the fact that technology has become such a significant part of our lives, it does bring up a interesting point about what we truly value in terms of basic needs and/or overall priorities. Being in the dental industry, we’re aptly aware of the disconnect between the public and their view of oral health as an important factor of general well-being, but these statistics just go to show that other matters have indeed altered what we hold true as a necessity–despite not existing just a few short years ago.

For additional insight on this study, click here to view a table of the study’s overall results.

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